Welcome to VERITAS!

I am blessed that you have reached out for help and support.  Veritas Counseling Services is a Christian counseling practice.  This means that I use a blend of research based therapeutic techniques while incorporating  spiritual healing through teaching and practice of Christian living and faith formation. 


My Foundation

The foundation of VERITAS is built on the belief that the power to heal the root of any pathology or dysfunction comes from God.  This power is sought, received, and applied in daily obedient application of skills (emotional, cognitive, behavioral, relational, spiritual growth).  I will integrate psychological theory and techniques with theological application and power to guide you through the healing process.    


The Mission

VERITAS exists to bring the light of spiritual and psychological TRUTH combined with proven techniques to those who have been affected by or are themselves caught in spiritual strongholds, addictions, dependencies, dysfunction, mistreatment, or abuse.  TRUTH then becoming a catalyst for change in a seemingly hopeless or unmanageable situation.