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Individual Counseling


  At VERITAS Counseling Services you will receive goal oriented faith-based counseling. I will assist you in finding spiritual, psychological, and relational freedom from cycles and patterns that keep you stuck. From relationship challenges to healing the pain of the past we will work together to create a life of freedom.

Couples/Family Counseling


  VERITAS Counseling Services works with couples in all stages of their relationship. We work together towards healing and freedom growing together in faith and faith practice. Together we will navigate and seek to overcome marital, parenting, addiction, or any other conflicts.

Recovery Counseling


At VERITAS Counseling services I partner with persons seeking recovery from or are in recovery from addictions and compulsions.  With the goal of freedom and healing we will apply 12 Step recovery, a relationship with God, accountability, and skill building to achieve healing and freedom. Be it chemical or process addiction sobriety and freedom are attainable!


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